Considering Homeschooling

Considering Homeschooling – Reasons Why Not to Put Your Child in Preschool

Many parents these days are placing their children in preschool in the mistaken belief that the sooner their youthful ones are institutionalized, the greater. While some parents are forced by circumstance to put their children in the care of others throughout the day, most are doing so as the result of being affected by the propaganda of their international lecture lobby.


In targeted marketing campaigns, news Reports, and parenting publications, preschool is being touted as the best location for kids to spend their day. Families are being overrun with the concept that should they do not separate from their babies, their kids will endure dire consequences. Nothing can be further from the truth.


The Truth Is, There’s no evidence that Healthy kids from healthful homes gain from preschool at all. In addition, the research demonstrates that there are no long-term benefits to preschool even for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Studies show more advanced developmental skills and increased empathy in children who stay home with their mom, while improved aggression and sadness occur in those who spend the day away in their moms.

Think About These Reasons Why Not To

What we are seeing is an Enormous push to Divide households, to have most American kids raised by strangers in associations. Digging through the internet pages of these universal preschool advocates soon reveals their perverted goal — to foist mandatory, state-funded lecture on most countries, for all children, from infancy. Christians need to believe that the Bible and what has worked in the beginning – God’s divine design of getting MOTHERS to nurture their own babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids in a loving Christian home, full-time. God established the family as the vehicle for taking care of a child’s needs.

Those who intend on homeschooling need to Understand that homeschooling begins at birth so that they should not place their kids in preschool while they wait for their child to attain compulsory schooling age.

Corralling children together in institutional Preschools is no different than putting them in public school – in reality, it is even worse, as these formative years are if the child’s religious, psychological, and academic foundations are being put. Parents CAN teach preschool in the home – and do a far better job than almost any establishment! If you are a loving Christian mother who can offer a safe and healthy house for your kids – then with YOU is wherever your precious children need to be. Trust Jesus to offer you the knowledge you will need to increase your very own young.

Preschool promotes inconsistent discipline

Children need consistent, biblical discipline. Preschool divides a kid’s heart between two sets of rules, two Police — preschool and residence. Preschool workers Don’t Have a vested, Eternal interest in raising up your youngster. And, they miss a Good Deal of Awful behavior Because God never meant you, unrelated adult, to manage many children of the same age at the same time.