Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Kindergarten

Everything You Need to Know About Marketing, You Learned in Kindergarten

Studies show that we do 90% of our learning in the first 5 years of life. That means we spend the rest of our lives trying to learn that last 10% and marketing professionals step into the field already knowing 90% of what they need to know to hit a home run right out of the gate.

How do they know? They learned it in Kindergarten.

What Kindergarten Teaches Us About Marketing, Business, and Success

The number of self-made business success stories is growing by the day. Now, I ask you, how is that possible when everyone knows you have to have a degree in business to know how to run a business.

We’re back to that 90/10 rule again. By the time you become an adult you already know 90% of the techniques and information you need to grow your business and kick off an amazing marketing campaign. And you learned it all before you started the first grade.

Here’s a look at what Kindergarten teaches us about business, marketing, and success.